About Human Theology    My objectives for the blog     6-11-14
Theology of the Body: Context    When and why TOB was written     6-12-14
Overview of Theology of the Body     Outline of the book     6-14-14

Summary Series (Audience numbers in parentheses)

Christ Appeals to the “Beginning”
1. In the Beginning, It Was Not So: Christian Divorce?    (1-4)     6-16-14
When the Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce, he invites them to reflect on our human creation.
Original Solitude: Am I an Animal?     (5-7)     6-19-14
At his creation, Adam searches for his identity as a rational person before God.
Original Unity: Two Ways to Be Human     (8-10)     7-2-14
Adam and Eve develop deeper self-understanding through their communion.
Original Nakedness: Adam Sees Eve     (11-13)     7-12-14
When Adam and Eve look at each other, they see the whole person.
Spousal Meaning: The Body Expresses Love     (13-16)     7-18-14
Adam and Eve are gifts for one another.
Original Innocence and the Fundamental Roles of Man and Woman
(16-19) 7-22-14
Accepting one another as good for their own sakes, Eve is the gift, Adam receives the gift
7. Adam Knew His Wife: Fathers and Mothers     (20-22)     8-2-14
Adam and Eve know each other in the conjugal act, then their child
Difficult Questions, Deep Answers     (23)     8-13-14
Summary of the first part of Theology of the Body

Christ Appeals to the Human Heart
9. Whoever Looks at a Woman: Jesus Speaks to Your Heart     (24-25)     8-21-14
Introduction to the second part, what constitutes adultery in the heart
Original Shame: They Realized That They Were Naked     (26-28)     9-10-14
After they sinned, Adam and Eve experienced several dimensions of shame
Insatiability: “Fallen” Marriage is Unsatisfying     (29-31)     3-15-15
Imperfect communion cannot satisfy us; the man “dominates” the woman in lust
12. Spousal Meaning Corrupted: Using and Possessing One Another     (32-33)     4-1-15
Concupiscence causes body-spirit separation, possession of the other rather than gift
13. Commandments in Jewish History: Adultery and Polygamy     (34-37)     4-8-15
The understanding of the 6th Commandment was inadequate given polygamy’s acceptance
14. Adultery in the Heart: Adultery with My Wife?      (38-43)     4-27-15
Lust indicates a wrong view of women in the heart; lust for your wife insults her dignity
15. Is Anything Good in Sexuality? Historic and Current Answers     (44-48)     9-16-15
Many believe that sexuality cannot do any good, but we should cultivate positive sexuality
16. Ethics and the Redemption: The Journey to Self-Control     (49)     9-24-15
Everyone has a tendency to sin; the journey to chastity goes through loneliness to freedom
17. Glorify God in Your Body: Chastity as Virtue and Gift     (50-57)     9-29-15
Develop the ability to resist sexual impulses; have reverence for the body as a temple
18. Sexuality in History: Lust is Bad, Chastity is Difficult     (58-59)     10-4-15
Summary of Part II; TOB and Science; Contraception
19. Art and the Human Person: Thoughts for Artists and Viewers of Art
Appendix: Principles for art depicting people, responsibilities for artists and viewers

Christ Appeals to the Resurrection
20. Eternal Virginity: Sexuality in Heaven
Why we won’t be married in heaven, but we will be masculine and feminine
21. Glorious Potential: The Significance of the Resurrected Body
What Christ’s glorified body tells me about my current body; the spiritualized body

Accompanying Discussions
 1. Finding Your Original Innocence     6-16-14
Our sins and defects point out positive features that we have in a broken form.
2. Were Adam and Eve Real People?     6-20-14
Considering what we know from Science and the Church about the first man and the first sin.
4. Is Shame a Bad Thing?     7-14-14
Various definitions of shame, emphasizing which you should teach your children.
Could Three be Naked Together?     7-18-14
If there were more than two people before original sin, would they all be naked?
6. What Will Heaven Be Like? Some Ideas of My Own     11-1-15
We will be physical people in Heaven, worshipping, working and living in community

Discussions were discontinued due to lack of interest – mine, and readers’.



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